Understanding Meta Business Manager

Online (Zoom)

Led by our founder, Michelle Trimble, who has empowered over 300 business owners with her expertise in all things Meta, this webinar is tailor-made for entrepreneurs who want to understand Business Manager without the overwhelm of technical jargon.

Your introduction to Social Media Advertising

Online (Zoom)

Join us for our online webinar, Social Media Advertising for Business Owners, designed specifically to demystify social media advertising and provide you with a solid foundation for ads management. This webinar is perfect for business owners who want to effectively advertise on Meta platforms but need clear, expert guidance to get started.

Creating Engaging Social Media Content

Online (Zoom)

Join us for our online webinar, Creating Engaging Social Media Content, designed specifically to help you craft content that captures and retains customer attention. This session is perfect for business owners and marketers who want to grow their social media presence and connect more effectively with their audience.


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