Don’t give up on organic growth on social media

organic growth on social media

You might be familiar with this story.
You create content for social media. You post it to your channels. And…nothing happens.
Okay, you might get a like from your mum and dad - but that’s it.
No wonder you believe the only way you can gain traction is via paid advertising.
The truth is that every social media algorithm prioritises paid content these days (why wouldn’t they, they are being paid big bucks from businesses of all sizes!).
But that doesn’t mean organic growth on social media is dead.

Organic social media marketing vs paid advertising

First things first. What is organic social media? Organic social media refers to the free content (posts, photos, video, memes, Stories, etc.) that all users, including businesses and brands, share with each other on their feeds.*

Paid social media advertising usually yields quick results. Paying to play on Facebook, Instagram and their rivals gets you access to new audiences. But for it to work, you need to know who you want to target and be able to invest in ads to keep up the momentum.

Organic social media marketing is more affordable (it’s free!) but it takes time to build your audience. It’s important to keep delivering quality content to attract new followers and maintain your existing audience. But, done right, you don’t need to advertise to get results.

Organic social media is playing the long game

Despite the power of organic marketing, we’ve seen so many businesses claim that organic marketing just doesn’t work for them. They may have tried for a few years to gain traction or gave up after only a couple of months.

To achieve organic growth on social media, you need to understand these three things:

  • Organic growth on social media takes time
  • Organic social media is one part of an overall marketing strategy
  • Organic marketing relies on a good strategy and a strong foundation.

Three things about organic social media marketing

#1 - Organic growth on social media takes time

Unlike paid advertising, organic social media doesn’t usually deliver fast results (unless you suddenly go viral). Organic marketing is focused on building a solid foundation so there are no shortcuts - it’s a case of playing the long game.

Creating quality content, attracting the right people, posting regularly and building a community is the key to successful organic growth on social media. It will take longer than paying for ads but you’ll ultimately create trust, authority and a stronger connection.

TAKEAWAY: Organic marketing works but it does take time - so you need to be patient!

#2 - Organic social media is one part of an overall marketing strategy

A good marketing strategy covers all bases so you don’t have to rely on just one element to succeed. If you’ve put all your eggs in the organic marketing basket (with little success), then it might be time to broaden the marketing mix.

Organic growth on social media is even more effective when combined with targeted paid campaigns. This supercharges growth while maintaining your strong organic foundation, giving you the best of both worlds.

TAKEAWAY: Organic marketing works best when combined with other strategies.

#3 - Organic marketing relies on good strategy and a strong foundation

The most important factor when it comes to organic growth on social media is your strategy. It’s not enough to post something random in the hope it sticks. There has to be a reason and purpose behind every post. Ask yourself - why should people care about this?

It’s also useful to understand your audience.  Who will benefit most from your products/services? What are their biggest problems? How do they interact on social media? These insights will help you develop an effective strategy that will deliver results.

TAKEAWAY: Organic marketing relies on good strategy and a strong foundation.

How to get the most from organic social media

The best way to maximise organic marketing on social media is to partner with a marketing expert. With fast-changing algorithms and ever-evolving tools, it’s hard to keep up with every social media channel on your own.

Working with an expert who lives and breathes social media is your best chance of success.

Poppy Seed Media specialises in a range of digital services, including paid advertising, organic marketing and social media. Take the stress off by talking to us about your social media needs - we’re here to help!

Schedule your complimentary 30-minute discovery session with Poppy Seed Media now to speak with one of our specialists about your digital marketing needs. We can’t wait to chat!

* reference Paid vs. Organic Social Media: How to Integrate Both into Your Strategy

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Michelle has provided marketing training to hundreds of individuals, working with businesses around the world to improve their overall strategies. Outside of the working world, Michelle is a mum to three young boys and loves any opportunity to get outside and enjoy the fresh air.

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