Understanding your Marketing Goals

marketing goals

If someone asked you what your marketing goals were, would you know how to answer? 

In the business world, we often get caught up in the excitement of seeing sales go up and leads pour in. Fair enough! But it's important to look beyond just these numbers when setting your marketing goals. 

While conversions and leads are like the MVPs of marketing, there's a whole game to play. Effective marketing isn't just about making quick sales, it's about creating relationships, making people stick around, and building a fan base for your brand. 

When considering your marketing goals, it's important to expand your view from a narrow focus on numbers to a wider picture of long-term success. It's about making lasting connections, gaining trust, and offering value that keeps customers coming back. 

So, let's dig into the world of marketing where success is about more than just hitting a single target!

Brand Awareness

Whether you’ve been around for a decade, or just starting out, brand awareness is a great, broad focus to angle your marketing around. Your brand is your name, design, logo, everything that makes your business you, and making sure it is a recognisable name or logo will put you ahead of competitors.

You can take a few different avenues to generate your brand awareness, whether it’s running campaigns to get followers, likes, or leads, having your target audience take those started steps to engage and interact with your brand will help you boost any continued marketing goals. 

Once you have a foundation for your brand awareness, utilising this awareness will improve the way your customers or clients interact with your brand, and will only continue to improve the impact of your brand awareness. 

Lead Generation (Service-based businesses)

We cannot ignore the importance of Lead Generation as a marketing goal! It is a focus for service-based businesses engaging with their clients to convert curiosity into a lead. This is typically done by collecting clients' information, in either a web form or over the phone, to utilise for sales, marketing, or consults. 

This is often seen by businesses offering clients sign-ups for mailing lists, or web forms when enquiring more about services. This creates the opportunity for businesses to follow up with potential clients to offer more insightful information about their inquiries specific to their situation or can be utilised as a subscription-based mailing list for future marketing campaigns to retain or convert new leads.

Sales (E-Commerce)

The old faithful focus for marketing, sales! More commonly e-commerce today than brick-and-mortar stores and with a competitive online market in place, having clear and concise goals around marketing your e-commerce will impact your sales results. Whether you’re launching a new product or promoting seasonal sales, e-commerce marketing is fundamental in driving customers firstly to your site, and ideally converting their visit into sales. 


Engagement is a key focus you’ll see rolling out across all arrays of businesses, from the influencers on TikTok to the big-league businesses we utilise every day without a second thought. This can be seen as anything from likes, comments, and shares on posts, to competitions and raffles. 

Engagement inadvertently boosts your businesses or brand through your followers' platforms, whether they’re resharing a well-written article, tagging friends in a post to win a prize, or leaving feedback on Google, positive engagement can make a massive impact on how your brand is perceived. This goal can be used as a general boost to your brand, or to use to your benefit to promote specific products or promotions you’re trying to grow.

Company Culture (HR + Recruitment)

Company Culture is a key pillar for any business wanting to showcase the “behind-the-scenes” of their brand. Whether it’s sharing jokes made in-house through a quippy reel, or showing off the success of one of your employees, creating the right narrative to fit your company culture will set the tone for your business. 

Company Culture is a great fundamental goal to consider from the perspective of your Human Resources and Recruitment sectors. Whether you’re recruiting or redefining a contract with an employee, if you have a strong company culture, you have set clear expectations for what is, and isn’t acceptable in your workplace, and provided transparency of what to expect in day-to-day at your business, helping your recruit and retain the staff that is the best match for you.

Establish Industry Authority

In the ever-growing competitive markets, every business wants to be taken seriously amongst their competitors to ensure they stand out amongst the pack. Brands or businesses with low industry authority run the risk of not being taken seriously, or being seen as scams amongst the masses. Building well-rounded websites, social media profiles, and a customer base will help to establish industry authority and give your brand the recognition you require to operate efficiently and effectively day-to-day. 

From fostering brand awareness to engaging with your audience, the true essence of marketing lies in cultivating lasting connections. Whether you're a service-based business focusing on lead generation, an e-commerce venture striving for increased sales, or a company emphasising engagement and company culture, the overarching goal is to establish a foundation for sustained success. Moreover, positioning your brand as an industry authority is a strategic move in the competitive market

As you navigate these diverse marketing avenues, remember that success extends beyond hitting a single target—it's about creating a lasting impact. 

If you find yourself needing guidance or support, please reach out to our team. Let's collaborate to elevate your brand and achieve your marketing goals together!

Author Bio

Michelle Trimble is a degree qualified marketing specialist who is passionate about breaking down the barriers business owners face when it comes to digital marketing!

After nearly 10 years working in the industry, Michelle decided to start Poppy Seed Media with the mission to provide more accessible marketing services.
Every business has the right to incredible marketing!

Michelle has provided marketing training to hundreds of individuals, working with businesses around the world to improve their overall strategies. Outside of the working world, Michelle is a mum to three young boys and loves any opportunity to get outside and enjoy the fresh air.

If you would like to book a free discover session with Michelle, please reach out.


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