Why We Don’t Work With Everyone And Why That’s A Really Good Thing

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We recently received a phone call from a potential client wanting to know why we had decided to not offer them a proposal for our services. Now, before you go ahead and think we have lost any business sense we may have had, hear me out.

Imagine you’re in the market to purchase a new home – there are plenty of different options, so you start looking around. After doing some research online you find one you love and excitedly register your interest. But once you attend the open home you realise…it just isn’t the right fit.

You can still really like it, and you might even decide to make an offer anyway, but there's probably another home out there that is a far better fit for you.

Although this potential client worked in a business we really admired, after our initial discovery call we knew we weren’t going to be the best fit for them. We certainly could have offered them a proposal, but instead we introduced them to another agency more suited to their requirements.

At Poppy Seed Media we genuinely care about businesses and their owners, which is why we’re so big on honesty - and if we're not a good fit for your business or budget, letting you know upfront is in both of our best interests.

If we’re not the best fit for your digital marketing needs, for whatever reason - we will be totally transparent and let you know.

Finding The Right Fit

Effective marketing can be a game changer for your business – but what steps can you take to be sure you’ve found the right person (or people) to deliver a return on your investment?

A bit like when you’re on the hunt for a new home, it helps to know what you’re looking for. You can attend all the open homes you like, but if you’re in the market for a 3-bedroom house with a yard, why waste your Saturday morning checking out a unit on the 5th floor of a new complex?

Here are our top tips to consider when starting your outsourcing journey.

1. Work with the end in mind

Although you may not know what kind of strategy you’re after, it helps to know what kind of results you’re expecting. Do you already know your base line? Do you know the number of conversions or leads you would like to achieve? Being clear on your desired end results during initial conversations can help both parties to work out if the relationship is a good fit.

2. Know your specs

Putting thought into the kind of relationship you need will help when choosing the best fit for your marketing needs.

Do you need someone local, or are you happy to work with a remote relationship? Are you looking for a full-service agency or a more specialist service? Would you prefer to work with a freelancer or a team of specialists? Are you looking to outsource, or do you need someone in house? Do you want to be hands-on with your marketing, with regular meetings and check-ins, or are you looking to hand things over entirely so you don’t have to think about them?

In any working relationship we believe that communication is key. Knowing your specs upfront will make your decision making much easier.

3. Have a ballpark budget

House hunting is a whole lot easier when you already have your budget worked out – having a ballpark budget in mind helps you find the best marketing fit for your business and saves you time while you’re searching. The options are endless when it comes to marketing, and your budget will have a large impact on the ideal strategy for your business.

We understand that if this is the first time you have explored outsourcing marketing you may be unsure what a reasonable budget may be. However, being transparent about the amount your business is comfortable spending will allow for a more realistic strategy to be developed.

4. Understand the role your values play

Every business is guided by their values, spend some time working out what is important to you. Whether you realise it or not, your values guide everything you do. They can be the reason you really gel with some people, while others give you the ick. Knowing what your core values are will make the initial conversations easier and you’ll save yourself future headaches if you make sure your values align.

Marketing For Your Business

Ensuring a good fit with your marketing team is one of the best things you can do for your business. Don’t be afraid to ask questions during your initial conversations or be honest if you feel its not a good fit for your brand.

When we decide to work with your brand – it's because we truly believe in what you do, we believe we can work well together and will deliver outstanding results. If you’re a client of ours, you can be 100% confident you’ve got the best fit.

At Poppy Seed Media, we know our values and make sure they guide our work every day. The values we are most known for are total transparency, exceptional communication, and delivering results.

Could Poppy Seed Media Be The Right Fit For Your Business?

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In 2017, after nearly 10 years in Marketing, Michelle founded Poppy Seed Media. With a mission to make incredible marketing more accessible to business owners, Michelle has worked with hundreds of businesses globally and is an industry expert when it comes to digital marketing.

In addition to empowering business owners, Michelle educates and inspires up-and-coming marketing gurus gaining their qualifications at local educational institutions.

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Author Bio

Michelle Trimble is a degree qualified marketing specialist who is passionate about breaking down the barriers business owners face when it comes to digital marketing!

After nearly 10 years working in the industry, Michelle decided to start Poppy Seed Media with the mission to provide more accessible marketing services.
Every business has the right to incredible marketing!

Michelle has provided marketing training to hundreds of individuals, working with businesses around the world to improve their overall strategies. Outside of the working world, Michelle is a mum to three young boys and loves any opportunity to get outside and enjoy the fresh air.

If you would like to book a free discover session with Michelle, please reach out.


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